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“Everyone says that to be successful you have to take action. Action is not something you say, it’s something you do.” – JT FOXX, World’s #1 Wealth Coach


You can say many things about JT Foxx however once you attend one of the trainings he does, it is guaranteed that you are going to see things differently.


The Beginning

I met JT Foxx about 2 years ago and at a time I found him extremely arrogant, manipulating and ‘I know everything’ type. I was so angry at him at first sight that I was about to walk out from Excel in London. Why? Because he pointed out everything I DID NOT do in my 34 years at a time in order to be a business woman that I dreamt of. He did this in just 90 minutes! I was really angry after his presentation and I DID NOT sign up for his course because I was listening to that inner negative voice who was telling me he is just an American who has no idea about the world in Europe.

With Vanilla ICE and JT FOXX

Few weeks later my partner was saying: ‘Look, I checked this guy, this JT Foxx, out and he does talk sense. Please look at the videos on the net.’ Once I was over that anger I felt I started watching what he is saying and finally everything made sense. I felt that I haven’t missed everything and I still have a chance to be what I wanted to be. I finally left dreaming for someone else.

“Dreams don’t come true, visions do.” – JT FOXX

Soon we found ourselves in Family Reunion 1, then a 3 days course which led to coaching, we started going to the 4 days coaching and other trainings JT FOXX Organisation offers. He is with us in the car, on the trains and on our travels. Not one day is without him or his coaches.

Once I did what JT told me results started pouring in


Many people don’t have a business when they meet JT Foxx and the same was with me. However, it does not mean that you would not benefit from the trainings. I was employed full time and after the first 2 courses my confidence grown. I went for a work interview and my experience was amazing: I was leading the interview, I was in total control of the whole situation from the beginning till the end, just as I was told on the trainings. Then the most exciting part came after they offered me the work: NEGOTIATION. I managed to increase by 30% their offer! No-one believed that they did that.

Soon I found myself setting up my first business. It was not what I was dreaming of at all, but it totally aligned with my knowledge. JT often says you don’t necessary do business with what you like but what brings you money. So that was relevant for my first business.



1st business: OBN Consultancy

With Kevin E France

With the bi-weekly coaching from JT’s extraordinary coaching team I set up my consultancy, where I assist start-ups, small and medium companies with their business systems and social media appearance. This is what I have been doing for over a decade for other huge national and international companies. Why wouldn’t I do it for myself?



2nd business: Speaking

Speaking at Hungarians Entrepreneurs’ Networking event

In order  to get more clients, I need to be out there and talk about what I do. So I started attending networking events and accept speaking engagements where I can talk about my consultancy, my experience and knowledge. Speaking and building my social media strategically has started to pay me off. I get more clients through speaking engagements then any other ways and finally I feel that I don’t need to introduce myself to my target audience.





3rd business: Mega Success Expo

With Maxwell Muir and Istvan Weiser at Mega Success Expo

I realised there is a gap in Hungarian events market for entrepreneurs, business people and CEOs so I set up Mega Success Expo and within 6 weeks we organised our first event which turned out to be great. The feedback we got is outstanding and at the moment we are organising the 2nd one.  This is the BABY for me as I am giving back something great to my country that I left 15 years ago. This is my WHY, this is what I wake up with and go to bed with, it does not make me tired, it fills me with energy, I am excited every day for it. With Mega Success Expo I do WHATEVER IT TAKES because I so believe in it. Also I built a great team around me following the advices from JT and his coaches.




4th business: property investment

I met some great business people through the organisation and I managed to purchase a property in Spain that I rent out for holidaymakers Casa de Rodagolf . This brings in regular income and I am not even in Spain. How great is that!



I changed…

With Coach Rose

I am a totally different person than I was 2 years ago. Yes, it might seem a slow progress but life never a straight and smooth path. You always have ups and downs. What I will always be grateful that Coach Rose was holding my hands and did not let it go, she pushed me to my limits when I was really down and ready to give up.

With Coach Eric, Cherrie and Les

Coach Cherie, Rose, Reggie, Les, Jason G, Dana, Joey, Kevin, Eric and Damien just a few who I can turn to anytime and they will be honest with me, they hold me accountable and push me to extend my limits.

I also met amazing people throughout the organisation who I work together, I did business with and I found my accountability buddy through the organisation.




And there is only ONE man who put everything together and willing to do more and more everyday for his Family’s success: JT FOXX thank you ever so much for everything you have done for me.  





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