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Why spend time on typing your content when you can automatise it? ? ?


Most business owner, especially the small business owners and entrepreneurs know they should spend time creating content however they are lacking time. I am sure at some point in your entrepreneurial journey you have faced this problem or you still do. 

Being a system orientated business coach I am always seeking the right systems and automatisations for my clients. I am going to share with you my personal experience on how I am saving time on typing content. For the last 20 months I have been using this software that turns my voice memos into text and it is one of the biggest help for me.


Yes, there are many softwares out there but this one so far has worked for me the best. Why?

1. it’s super easy to use!
2. it is relatively fast!
3. saves You enormous time

aaaand most importantly

4. it does the job pretty well 🙂 understands accents 😉 which I do have!

So is a great tool and a must have if you are a one man band or you use your team members for more serious jobs than typing.


This is how I do it:

I record most of my written stuff on my phone while I am out and about, therefore while am walking I can simply create a blogpost just like this. I just use my iPhone voice memo.

Then I import the voice memo into which turns it into text. This saves me a lot on writing long emails, blogpost or articles.


Now has 2 versions:
1. Free one – this is really good news!
2. Pro version – this one works on a membership basis.


Pay Attention!
A voice memo is never a good read! So when you want to turn your voice recordings into a blogpost or an article you do have to spend some time on editing. Simply because the transcripted version is not really a good read as it is. But even doing the editing is much easier than sitting down and putting all your thoughts together into an article.

Plus how many times you find that you have a great idea and you should write it down. What if you take it to the next level and when the idea comes you press recording on your phone, start talking about it and later on turn it into a word document.

So sign up today with a Facebook or Google account and you won’t regret it.

Coach Orsi

Coach Orsi

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